Hauschka with Rod Maclachlan

Bristol Proms, Bristol Old Vic

Marvel at the technically deft, music-metamorphosing German pianist/composer Hauschka, with whom I collaborated to create robotic camera and lens trickery to explore the inner wonders of his modified piano.

The remote-control camera jib arm was designed with a motorised wheel of lens filters such as prisms and diffraction gratings.  All the visual effects are analogue – rotating prisms, mirrors, plastic tubing etc.

With thanks to Tom Morris (Bristol Old Vic), Qu Junktions ( and Rusty Squid ( for making this collaboration possible.  Also performed at Athens Digital Art Festival.

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  • Hauschka with Rod Maclachlan Live visuals
  • Skills Collaboration, live manipulation, engineering, sculpture, Video mixing
  • Client Bristol Old Vic, Theatre Royal Bristol
  • Project Year 2013